Organisational Effectiveness

BannerOEAs market conditions continue to change and evolve, companies are required to drastically reorganize themselves and prepare the leadership team and workforce to cope with the challenges that lie ahead.  So to help clients understand their leadership strategic intents and identify the performance gaps, HRM3 Asia provides professional services to facilitate and consult jointly with client management representatives to design, plan, execute and evaluate customized strategic business processes to realize and align important resources to the future directions as well as to reduce and eliminate the identified performance gaps

The HRM3 Organisational Effectiveness Framework - A Total Solution

Our experience has helped us realise that there is no miracle cure for every situation/problem. As such, we advocate a total solution which is tailored to address the problems that our clients are facing.

Our Organisational Effectiveness Consulting Services include:
- Business Strategy Development (BSD)
- Strategic Business Planning (SBP)
- Strategic Leadership Development (SLD)
- Change and Transition Management (CTM)
- Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)
- Team Development (TD)
- Human Resource Development (HRD)
- Recruitment/Retention/Reward Strategies (R3 Strategies)
- Balanced Scorecard (BSC)
- Flexi-Wage Implementation (FWI)
- Business Driven Performance Measurement System (BDPMS)

OE 6StepProcess

At HRM3, we understand the challenges that organisations face in today's ever competitive business environment. More importantly, we realise that no two organisations are alike. As such, each client engagement undergoes a stringent situational and needs analysis by our consultants. HRM3 Asia adopts a systematic approach to assist MNCS and SMEs in undertaking an organisational engagement. This will consist of a series of structured steps, organised into 6 Key Steps as illustrated in the figure below.

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